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For those who are interested in entering a career that maintains the safety of others, an online degree in criminal justice is a good first step. As more schools provide criminal justice online degree programs, narrowing down the options can be overwhelming. To help along this process, we have created this website of the top criminal justice online programs based on many aspects.

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Our mission is to provide free, comprehensive information on Criminal Justice Online Degree and careers. There are many websites out there about higher education, but we wanted to create a resource geared towards business professionals, busy stay at home moms and dads, and those with full schedules whom would prefer an online option versus its brick and mortar counterpart.

We’ve planing to included career articles and interviews with criminal justice experts, professors, and recent graduates. There are thousands of criminal justice programs in our directory, complete with state-by-state listings, criminal justice programs sorted by different specialty, as well as criminal justice online degree.

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is a broad, multidisciplinary field dedicated to the study of laws and law enforcement. Students explore the historical and sociological motives behind different laws, as well as the various ways that laws are interpreted and enforced at the municipal, state and federal levels. Criminal justice is a common academic pathway for police officers, detectives and other members of the law enforcement community, as well as forensic scientists, criminal psychologists and legal professionals. Criminal justice is a system that was established to uphold the laws made by a society and are meant to avert criminal behavior. Criminal justice is also meant to provide disciplinary actions for those that break those established laws and are convicted of doing so. As the criminal justice system has evolved, it has also started to treat inmates in order to rehab them and prevent them from recidivism and going back into the system again.

What Can You Do With a Criminal Justice Degree

In order to understand the possibilities of a criminal justice online degree first requires you to understand what criminal justice actually encompasses. Most people will immediately assume that a criminal justice online degree means you become a police officer, but criminal justice includes law enforcement & investigation, the court or judicial system, and finally the correctional system. All of these comprise a variety of different jobs so we have listed them by each comprising part of criminal justice.

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There’s no charge for criminal justice schools to be listed in our directory, and there’s no charge for you to use it. You can search for criminal law programs, undergraduate criminal justice programs or graduate criminology degrees all from one spot.

A Brief US History of the

Criminal Justice System

The United States underwent serious changes going back to President Lyndon B. Johnson that helped start creating a system that interconnected each part of the criminal justice system to work better with one another. As the years went on and the US faced different challenges with crime rates (and the types of crimes) there was a movement to make minimum sentences for various crimes. With those minimums sentences made, there has been a recent movement in the political system to help prevent long-term sentences for those that committed non-violent crimes (and various other exceptions). A lot of the proposed minimums are pushed back for those that have nonviolent drug offenses as many have started to believe the disciplinary action does not fit the crime.

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