An Insight into Criminal Justice Online Degree Programs

Criminal Justice Online Degree

An Insight into Criminal Justice Online Degree Programs

A degree program in Criminal Justice is what many students aspire to pursue in the field of Legal Studies. It should not be confused with Criminology which is about the social causes of crime, psychology of criminals and the other factors associated with crime. Criminal Justice can be understood as the broader framework for Police, Judiciary and Criminals brought together under a single entity. It focuses on the rights of criminals as they are to be treated as humans first. It includes the analytical study about crime rates and their patterns of occurrence, justice to criminals, Court systems, correction Centers, Juveniles, Laws for various age groups of criminals, legal procedures, Justice to Victims, and so on. Criminal Justice also acts as a base framework for the amendments to be made in Constitution as all criminal laws are developed under its ambit. Criminal Justice is increasingly becoming popular among students due to the sheer fact that it serves as a launching pad for various career options.

Courses to Study

The stream of Criminal Justice can be pursued at an undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. There is no specific pre-requisite for pursuing a course in Criminal Justice Online Degree. A student can apply for this course after completing Higher Secondary Schooling. For a Masters’ degree in Criminal Justice as a specialization one should have a Bachelors’ degree in Law or in Criminal Justice. The various courses that can be studied under Criminal Justice are: Forensics (Digital), Corrections, Counter- terrorism, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Psychology, Cyber Security, Homeland Security, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement, Paralegal and so on. An Associate Degree in Criminal Justice can also be pursued by students who have just finished their High School.

Study Online: Learn while you earn

The ease to learn and get a degree while meeting your official targets encourages people to apply for degrees. The ease to attend online lectures at your own convenient time slot, submit your assignments online and even appear for exams online via the allotted test centers or from the comfort of your home using a laptop or your PC has made online courses a favorite among the office-goers. A Criminal Justice Online Degree program can be applied to from a recognized university via their distance education program. One can search online education portals for such information. A few online courses that can be applied to are: Criminology and Criminal Justice (Hons), Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice- Cybercrimes (M.Sc.), Criminal Justice- Law and Public Policy (Ph.D.), and Criminal Justice- Public Policy. The online courses can be designed to spread over three years or may be less depending upon the nature of course and its curriculum.

Salary to expect after completion of the course

An individual with a Masters’ Degree can expect a six-figure salary in the initial years. The package increases over the years with experience. The most important aspect is networking with clients and building relations as the clientele is what will spread one’s reputation and swell up the salary package.